Klein Sandfontein Starbucks

DOB 5 November, 2013

A1 Hips

Elbows 0:0

KS Starbucks “Buck” is one HANDSOME BoerboeI! We definitely love our KS dogs and are excited to have a couple more of Beverli’s beauties to be apart of our program. Coming to us at 14 months old you worry how a Boerboel is going to fit in with his human and dog family, but truly he is sweet as the day is long and a joy to love and own! His conformation is just lovely. Short to the loin, beautiful rear angulation, expressive square head, awesome muscly balanced body. He moves like a deer, athletic, strong, buoyant, wicked fast! Buck is our little souped up sports car, stunning, ripped out, with ALL the bells and whistles! Can’t wait to see him all grown up in another year or so.
Starbucks 084
Starbucks 004