Start training your puppy as soon as you get them home! The Boerboel is only little for a minute! They grow incredibly fast and are super strong dogs at a tender age. This is an alpha minded breed of dog.  This means if you are not going to be the leader, trainer, disciplinarian over your dog, he/she may assert this power as they grow into a mature adult dog, and you will then have problems.  Every Boerboel has a unique personality just like humans, and some will never be alpha minded, dominant, or aggressive.  However, do not slack in training and discipline even though you seem to have a perfectly sweet and delightful tempered Boerboel. The more obedience training time you invest into your new BB will just be an added bonus to you being able to completely enjoy your dog throughout his/her life. Boerboel babies are ridiculously cute and charming and they can have your heart in a hurry. Remember anything you would be annoyed, frustrated, or flat out not having when your dog is 130-180lbs….DO NOT let them do it when they are 50lbs!  No matter the cuteness factor! There will probably be training classes you can take your dog to, (check out your local community schools they may offer these classes at a decent price) There is also private trainers, or if you are dog savvy, confident, and self motivated, you can tackle all the training yourself. This is an extremely intelligent breed, they get it usually the first time, and keep it. Boerboels can be stubborn, but keep with them, correct them, and BE CONSISTENT.  These dogs LOVE their food and are incredibly food driven, use this to your advantage. They might test you if you get lazy, but they are easy enough to put back on track. An absolutely great breed to train, I can’t say enough about their willingness to learn and their absolute focus on their “alpha” in their life. They are amazing dogs that will bond strongly with their families. Expose your new pup to as many new sights and sounds, people, and other dogs, as possible in their first 6 months of life.  Positive reinforcement is key, they thrive on this and learn quickly what you want from them. Your dog will be a well rounded, social adult dog, that will be a pure delight and pleasure to own.  You will receive oooo’s and aaaahhhh’s wherever you go just because of the sheer beauty and size of your dog, but the icing on the cake will be how well behaved they are! Do not worry whatsoever about your dog being too social. Just one look at this breed makes an unexpected visitor think twice about entering your property. The first year of life is crucial in obtaining an obedient, loyal, manageable, pleasurable, adult Boerboel that knows his place in his pack. Remember your Boerboel will only be as good as you train him to be.

This is such a tough one because if you have ever owned a dog (especially recently) you know that there are so many dog foods to choose from. You may have to try out several different brands of dog food before you find one that works for your dog. I know we have definitly done our fair share of dog food shopping. We are feeding a new dog food at present called Fromm.  We love the ingredients, love the price per pound (purchasing the 40lb breeder bags), and our dogs are loving it! We are still in the “trial” weeks, but will post more as we stick with it and learn more about this brand of dog food.  So far so good!  Do your own research and be sure to read up on “Large Breed” feeding so that you can properly care for your new Boerboel puppy. Be wary of too much protein.

Your Boerboel is fairly easy to groom. An occasional brushing and a bath is all that is required.. THIS BREED DOES SHED! Start bathing EARLY, this breed is only little for a second. Train them young so they will be a breeze when they are 140 plus pounds! This is a super trainable breed, they want to please and make you happy so take the time to teach the basics to make your life less hectic with your dog. Bathe and groom as needed.

This breed, like many others, need to get their play time in. Make sure you have adequate time and space for this big breed. However they do not need excessive amounts of run time. Just make sure you train them well on collar and lead to do as you say, so that they are well mannered as they grow. Make sure those vaccinations are up before you head out to the local dog park.

While a puppy’s teeth and jaws are developing they will want to chew things, buy “size appropriate” chew toys. All puppies love to chew, this breed is no exception. I will say that they are not as excessive as some. I was quite impressed with this breed for that reason. Joey was not even half as destructive like all of the other breeds I have owned. In any case, remember to keep an eye on your pup if they are loose in the house they will likely find something to chew on that you don’t want chewed. Or something that could be fatal. The nyla bones are great for this big breed they can take a beating and they last a good amount of time for the money. Once your dog has his adult teeth it is important for you to look after them. You can brush your dogs teeth or you can have your vet clean them when you go in for inoculations. They also have some good “clean and chew” dog items that will help with the tartar build up.

Spay and Neuter
Absolutely spay and neuter your dogs.  Between 12-18 months for these big guys, but some dominant minded males and even females may need to be altered much younger.  Counsel with your vet before doing so.  Many heartaches, headaches, and down right dominant and naughty behavior can be lessened or completely avoided by simply fixing your Boerboel.