We have been loving and breeding Boerboels for the past 6 years. It has been a crazy fun adventure! I love this breed more than ever. The Boerboel is such an incredible breed and it has been such a privilege to own and raise these majestic dogs. Originally from South Africa, thus their “aka” name South African Mastiff, they were bred to protect farms, livestock, and their families from anything intrusive. The Boerboel does this job impeccably well still today. A highly intelligent breed, very sensitive, alert, and passionatly loves their people. The Boerboel is relatively a “dry mouth” dog, which is pretty amazing considering their size. They do get excited about their food and will let you know with some wet friendly drool:) Honestly we can’t say enough great things about these big beautiful dogs. We love to have them here on our property with us, we love to have them apart of our family life, and we love to raise 1 or 2 very select litters each year. Temperament is our number one goal, if you don’t have that, you have a miserable life with a dog you can’t stand or in a big dog case, HANDLE. Please do your homework on this breed before falling in love with a Boerboel pup. This is a big breed that can be stubborn, so lots of training, socialization, and CONSISTENCY is a total must. We like responsible, “common sense” type potential puppy pet owners to inquire on our special Boerboel puppies. Please feel free to email on upcoming litters and what may be available currently. Boerboel Barn We live in the beautiful picturesque rural town of Beavercreek, Oregon. Yes, it rains way too much!!! But it is stunning here and there is never a water shortage:) We live on five acres in the trees. We have coyotes, cougars, and even bear. Our children love to run all over in our wooded acreage and it always has made me so nervous. But then we got “Joey“, our first beautiful Boerboel and she stays right with my kids every step, and I love her for it. Boerboels