We are delighted to have you come visit our webpage and meet our beautiful Boerboels! We have owned, raised, and loved these majestic dogs since 2008. We hope you can find useful information on this website about the Boerboel breed. Check back often for updates on our dogs and on litters we might have planned for the year. Please email with any questions and we will respond as soon as we can.
Boerboel BarnBravakker means strikingly beautiful or stunningly beautiful. That is our goal here. We desire only to raise Boerboels that are beautiful inside and out! We want to only breed if it is a STEP UP. We want our Boerboels to not only look like Boerboels, but behave and work like one. Temperament is number one for us. We want only the best tempered dogs in our breeding program. We health test our BB’s to make sure they are healthy for breeding. We want the handsome good looks of the Boerboel to be the icing on the cake after we have matched up temperament and good health. We have been so very blessed and fortunate with our Boerboels good nature, fantastic health, and gorgeous good looks. The offspring we have raised with them makes me smile and grateful to be apart of maintaining, and preserving this magnificent breed, the Boerboel.